Marc • Director / Producer
Spot Productions
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Steve • Director of Photography
Practical Illusions
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Bethany • Producer / Reseacher
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Jen • Producer / Techincal Consultant
Southern Wisconsin Paranormal
Research Group

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Originally founded in 2000 as On-Location Media (OLM) by Marc Stevens, Spot Productions is the product of many different incarnations. Conceived as a 36' mobile production trailer, OLM's over-the-road days ended in 2003 when the rig was sold and the equipment moved into permanent offices.  Two years later, OLM merged with Meridian Studio to become part of Meridian Studios.  In 2006 Marc left the Meridian Studios partnership and gave birth to Spot Productions.

With over 25 years of high-end film, video and stage production experience, Marc has been the driving force behind each of the previous business entities and now sits at the helm of Spot.

Steve is the founder of Practical Illusions. He has been working in film and television for more than 18 years. He has earned numerous awards including Telly’s, Gabriel’s, The Studio Film and Tape Grant, and an Emmy nomination. His work has appeared on numerous national TV shows and commercials including several nationally syndicated shows.

Steve’s graphics have been used on well known national news shows. This work has led him to use virtually all of the leading software packages at their extreme limits for use in fast paced production driven environments. Steve has authored two books, and several magazine articles in trade publications as well.

Bethany is a 2005 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Sceince degree in mass communications/journalism. She just joined Zizzo Group Advertising in Milwaukee.

Zizzo Group Advertising & Public Relations is a client-focused, full-service advertising agency providing branding, marketing, public relations and creative services that are fearless and effective. Working with a wide range of local and national clients and industries, it is one of Milwaukee’s fastest growing agencies.

My interest in paranormal research began when I was 8 years old after my father took me to see the 1977 movie, "Beyond and Back".  The movie focused on people who had died and came back to talk about their experiences.  My father had always been a huge advocate of reincarnation, afterlife experiences and the paranormal. At age 8, we would sit and have long talks about it.  My father and the movie initiated my interest in the afterlife and I've been investigating related aspects of it ever since.

In 1999, I founded the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group . The goal of our group is to bring credibility to the field of paranormal research and to make a concerted effort to display the best evidence and information that is possible. I am also the Southern Wisconsin Representative for the American Ghost Society. Our team researches, investigates and documents paranormal activity all over the Midwest.