Jen Lauer

Team Leader

In 1999, The Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group (S.W.P.R.G.) was founded by Executive Director, Jennifer Lauer.  The S.W.P.R.G. researches, investigates and documents paranormal activity all over the Midwest.  The goal of the group is to bring credibility to the field of paranormal research by displaying the best evidence and information that is possible.  As well as investigating the paranormal, the S.W.P.R.G. holds an annual conference in the fall, classes on Ghost Hunting and has been the guest speakers for many paranormal based presentations including special interest groups, historical societies, schools & library’s.

Jennifer has just co-authored the book, “Investigating the Haunted: Ghost Hunting Taken To The Next Level”, with the groups Science & Technology Advisor, Dave Schumacher.  The book is due to be released in the fall of 2007.   


The Leader