Real Editing Progress Finally !• Steve Oakley

We've been busy with regular work the last few months but finally we got to sit and edit for real this week and last. Its not like progress has not been going on. Nick the Intern has been busy assembling segments which has been a big help. He put together a lot of the parts shot with both cameras. I also did a few. From the parts he's cut, Marc and I have then been able to pick what we need and cut them into the real places they will go in the movie. From there Marc has been cutting them down further from there so all the pre-editing has been a big help. The investigations have been going together without a problem, almost editing themselves, which is a very good thing. So progress has been happening at a very fast rate the last week or so.

I've also been busy with several effects shots. Those will be a surprise, that is if you can even find them. They've been the invisible type improvements, and some have been utter transformations. You'll just have to wait to see them.

Can't wait to get to the end of the week where we should have a complete end to end rough cut done !