Over 1000 Shots Loaded and Counting • Steve Oakley

It took close to three weeks to get all the footage loaded into Final Cut. I averaged 3 tapes a day. Thats actually watching, logging and labeling, and loading everything the right way. I put in two weeks of fulltime effort, then had to take a break while working on a few other projects. Gotta keep the lights on ! I actually kept two systems working at the same time some days, and got 4 tapes in a couple of days. I was fortunate enough to get a BRD-50 deck to help with the loading. Using the camera to log, and the deck load, it was a very big help in keeping things moving quickly. Once I split between two systems, I then had the fun task of matching back to each other, which meant copying around a few hundred gigs of media files. The very last part of the job was a binary compare of the two matching media drives. I was surprised to find a few files that didn't match, and I copied over the offenders. With all that hard work done, there are now two complete versions of the project on two different hard drives. I can somewhat sleep at night knowing that there is a complete backup of the project now in two separate locations.

Did I say it came out at 1036 seperate clips ? maybe not. Its going to take a while to sort through all of that material, and cut it up, and then down into what will be the first rough cut, but thats Marc's job now. Once he gets a cut, or two done, and we finally lock the picture, then I get to start the finish work of color correction, fx, and otherwise techie things for making it good. Thankfully I get a little break before Marc will be calling me up to see his first complete cut at 3hrs or so in length.

I don't plan on totally slacking off. There is a DVD cover to think about, DVD artowrk for the menus, oh, I forgot, designing titles for the show. So while Marc edits away, there will be plenty for me to do as well.