Whats it like Doing EVP's • Cast Member and EVP Specialist Cindy Heinen

The Door County investigations presented unique challenges in the recording of EVP.  EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, is the recording of paranormal sounds and voices onto a recording device.  Many of the stories that accompanied these haunted locations included reports of hearing disembodied voices and strange sounds.  Stories like that make me want to get in, set up the gear, and get to work, but it was not always that easy. The outdoor locations, although beautiful, proved to be a challenge in the recording of EVP. Wind, rain, distant voices, dogs barking, fellow investigators and traffic all played havoc with the recordings.  I cut my EVP chops in graveyards and battlefields so outdoor recordings aren't new to me. But as I shivered in the cold rain of a midnight cemetery EVP session,  I had to keep reminding myself that in EVP, the payoff  is not in the recording session but later during the analysis.  I envisioned myself back in my warm room at the Landmark Resort,  headphones on, basking in the glow of my computer screen, completely in my EVP zone.

 Some of our inside investigations were at businesses that offered an additional type of spirits, aside from the ethereal kind. In some cases these investigations were scheduled when these businesses were still open.  While this was a challenge and meant I had to be exacting in documenting what was happened at the time of the recordings, it also meant the team could get a bump of bitters and a beer when the investigation wrapped.

 It can be frustrating working in an audio situation that I can't control.  As hard as I try to adhere to a strict EVP recording protocol, sometimes things don't go as expected and it seems even the spirits we are hunting have their own ideas as to how things should be done.  "Do you ever think the ghosts are just messing with you?" is a question a fellow investigator once asked me.  Based on the results of some of these Door County investigations I might just have to say yes.