Why do investigators use certain types of equipment during paranormal investigations? Cast Member and Technology Officer Dave Schumacher

People have reported a variety of changes in the environment when they’ve had paranormal experiences. These perceived changes in the environment include: temperature drops, a feeling of heaviness in the atmosphere, feeling that the environment is charged with energy, feelings of a high amount of static electricity, electrical problems, and objects moving. These are things that can be objectively measured with cameras, video cameras, EMF meters, thermometers, etc. So, it is safe to say that we can attempt to validate these changes in the environment by objective measurements with the equipment we have available to us.

The changes that are measured may or may not be anomalous in nature. In order to determine if they are, we need to collect the data and see if there are correlations between changes in the environmental conditions at haunted locations when someone is having a paranormal experience. Once we determine if there are any correlations with paranormal phenomena, then we can begin to determine what the cause of that change in the environment is. Another way to put it is: Is the ghost interacting with and changing the environment or are natural (but strange) changes in the environment causing people to have a paranormal experience

The SWPRG decides to use certain pieces of equipment for the following reasons:

It seems logical to explore changes in the environment based on what people have reported during paranormal experiences.

The review of scientific literature leads to field-testing, experiments, and use of certain pieces of equipment.

Prior investigations by the SWPRG and other investigators have shown possible correlations between the data collected by certain pieces of equipment and reported haunted locations.

The data collected with certain pieces of equipment seems to be somewhat consistent between haunted locations.

Correlations have been seen between equipment readings and when people report a subjective paranormal experience.

What is some of the equipment used?

Some important pieces of equipment for detecting and recording changes in environmental conditions associated with hauntings and poltergeists include:

• Electromagnetic and Geomagnetic Field Meters

• Temperature and Humidity Gauges

• Radiation Detectors (Geiger Counters)

• Radio Frequency Meters/Analyzers

• Ion Counters

• Video Recording Systems

• Audio Recording Devices (which will not be covered here since it was discussed in the section on EVP).

• Data Logging Systems such as the SWPRG’s Direct Environmental Acquisition Data Logging system (DEAD).

And finally...

Remember, people have paranormal experiences. Without people, there are no experiences. Equipment can be used to detect, quantify, and qualify environmental anomalies at the time of a subjective paranormal experience, but they can’t tell you what that experience was to the people having it.

In closing, I would like to thank all of the cast and crew for making this a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

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