Looking Back • Producer / Cast Member Jen Lauer

When Bethany first approached me about doing another film about the world of the paranormal, of course I said, “Yes!”  We had such a great time working with her and her crew earlier on, “Ghost Hunting: Serious Business” so I just knew this new film would be great as well…but I had NO idea just how INCREDIBLE it was really going to be!!! 

I can honestly say it was the absolute BEST time with the least amount of sleep I have EVER had!!! (LOL) I’m still having dreams about being in Door County on the Set!!!    I would absolutely, without a doubt, do it over and over again in a heartbeat!! 

Besides having a lot of fun and learning more than I had ever imagined about the film industry, I found that everyone involved in this project was seriously dedicated to its success while expressing a drive and passion that I have rarely seen before.  Along with Bethany’s great research, Marc’s professional direction, the S.W.P.R.G.’s reputation in the field of paranormal research and Steve’s AMAZING vision and talent for bringing out the best in everyone and every scene, I knew immediately it was destined for huge success!!!