Look where the research landed us!• Producer / Researcher Bethany Rucinski

 The process of finding legitimate hauntings in Door County really began as a challenge for me. Marc sent me a book called “Ghosts of Door County” by Geri Rider – and that is where I began. While in the transition of graduating college and finding a “real job”, I sat down to read this book from beginning to end. The plan was to find great locations in the book, but it ended up being short folklore stories – written the way a grandmother would tell stories to her grandchildren. From the historical society to friends of friends, I wasn’t getting the great spooky stories I was praying for…finally, SWPRG helped me break ground with haunted locations as well as people throughout the Door County community.

 When Marc and I went to scope out our locations last year, we ended up getting more great leads from AJ Frank at Door County Trolley and some not so great leads from nameless people. One location in Peninsula Park led us on a slippery, rocky trail for a few miles along a beautiful bluff that overlooked all the little islands…I was in wedge flip-flops and a sweater – but what we saw was far too cool to even care that I could slip and fall at any moment.

 So we ended up getting some exciting haunted locations – and just for the record, I picked Moravian Graveyard as one of our locations and it wasn’t a bust, right Jen? Just wait for the DVD and see what happened there…truly chilling!!!! It still haunts me!