Many people have been asking, "When is GoDC going to be released?!"

The answer is a pretty non-specific "Soon."

The results of a sneak preview of the film in June made it obvious that a
major re-edit was in order. We had great footage and a great story to
tell, but had told it from the totally wrong angle.

So, for the last several months, we have been rewriting, re-shooting and
re-editing GoDC. In the end, we hope that the delay will be worth it. We
want to deliver a film that lives up to, and even exceeds, everyone's

Adding to the delay is the fact that GoDC is a low-budget labor of love,
not a studio-funded block-buster film with a crew of hundreds working
behind the scenes. Behind GoDC are a handful of people with day jobs and
families to feed. A project like this, while important, still has to take
a back-seat to our paying clients and the simple challenges of life. It
was never designed to be our sole professional activity. It was designed
to fill in the gaps when things got a little slow. For the last six
months, things have been anything but slow for both Spot Productions or
Practical Illusions. That's a good thing for us... but a bad thing for

Let me assure you, we're on the homestretch. Watch the website and expect
to see GoDC in distribution sometime... soon.

Marc Stevens
Spot Productions
1350 Lombardi Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54304