First Rough Cut !• Steve Oakley

The First Rough Cut is done. I'm not going to say exactly how long it is, but it didn't come out short thankfully. It also didn't come in at 3 hrs either. We've done two days of pick up shooting to get a bunch of needed shots done. Some are composite shot elements, others are some bridging segments to bring the whole story line together better. 35hrs of footage and I think we are done. Actually I know I need to get one more effects shot element.

There are a lot of effects shots so that has kept me busy while a new intern has been doing a lot of editing work, Jason Vincent over at Spot Productions. The last few weeks we've been talking almost daily while FCP XML files go back and forth on my FTP server as we update each other's work. Its been great to have the help. Its also great that all the theoreticals of editing a project in 2 locations at the same time has pretty much just worked.

Its also possible we will be working with some one on helping do some scoring work for the final sound mix.

Last, we're setting up a public sneak peak in a few weeks to gather feedback on what we hope will be a final cut of the project, or maybe not. I'm sure even if we get glowing reviews, we'll be in there messing with it right up until the Milwaukees Film Fest June 21st. Thats the official public debut.

Of course I think we are going to add a trivai game to the DVD. It'll be to guess in how many shots and characters Marc played a role.... and of course I snuck one in to, if you can find me!