30 days hath September ... but prepro took over 120 days !

DP Steve Oakley shares some thoughts on the process of making it happen.

It looks easy on paper, or when you are sitting around at the local pub having a few. Reality is cold sober and something else. In order to pull this huge production off, it took the work of 4 people several months. We called everyone, then called them again. Bethany hit the internet, and made calls to research out locations. Both Marc Stevens and myself pulled a few favors, bartered a few deals, and several key aspects fell into place. Jen also was a huge help in finding things we needed and being persistantly pesky when needed.

One of our biggest juggling acts was crew. We all worked on getting crew. The week before shooting was to start, we had two people drop out, but got confirmation on two more to make up fabled unit 2 - Adam2 and Ryan. Adam2 was not to be confused with Audio Adam, only Ryan. Beyond that, all sorts of contingencies where planned for, but most never happened. Only one major thing happened that wasn't planned for, but we got through it ok anyways because by that time we had a well oiled production team & cast. We become one bad a__ movie making machine !

We planned all the little details carefully. The dumbs ones that bite you like not having enough 9V batteries to power wireless mics, then having to pay $6 each if you are lucky to find any. Having enough tape stock, running the audio gear on its own custom battery pak instead of 2 9V batteries. Sharpies. Having food for 20 people three or sometimes 4 times a day is no small feat. If you can't feed your cast & crew well, forget the 18hr days everyone put in without any major personal blow ups. Plenty of high quality coffee was always on brew by Crystal.

Organization helps, line producer Bethany dealt with lots of little things . Logging for unit 1 was handled by Dana ( not Dona, or Dara !) the TimeCode Wench. Crystal helped out on unit2.

We had several local businesses like Top Shelf provide food on location. There is of course Landmark Inn that provided lodging for everyone. That was critical to getting this to happen.

The biggest help was the RV. No doubt about it. Van Boxtel RV cut us a great deal on the RV which again was a critical element to making this so much easier. Put 10 people on it, have a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom to crash out in was always useful. We also used it to shoot several scenes and it really became and extra charactor in the film. The only downside was filling that huge 75 gal gas tank, but it was still a small price to pay for the organization and creature comfort it brought.

Thanks for the support folks - we really couldn't of done it without you !